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Why Hyderabad?

Why Hyderabad? It’s probably one Indian destination you’re not as familiar with. For most, the capital of the southern Indian state of Telangana remains under the radar. But it is becoming increasingly more popular for discerning travellers, especially those looking for a more luxurious experience.

Even though the city is not as popular as some of its neighbours, it has a lot to offer including historical palaces, bustling markets, a booming club scene - and it's also the home of the famous Hyderabadi biryani.

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Hyderabad is famously known as the city of Nizams. The city has a rich history of Muslim rulers and the same reflects in the several monuments and structures that serve as a wonderful remnant of the past. Being a cosmopolitan city and one of the biggest cities in India, it has all the modern amenities and facilities associated with a global city.

Here are 10 reasons you must visit Hyderabad this year.

1. Relive history.

The first thing one must do in Hyderabad to explore the rich history of the city. The most famous historical monument is, of course, the Char Minar. Apart from Char Minar, you can take a tour of equally spellbinding architectural wonders like Qutub Shahi Tomb, Golconda Fort, Chowmahalla Palace, among others.

2. Relish some Hyderabadi cuisine.

Whenever people think of Biryani, they think of Hyderabadi Biryani. Hyderabad has several restaurants like Paradise, Rayalaseema Ruchulu, Bawarchi which are famous for their Biryani and Andhra delicacies, amongst other Mughlai dishes, throughout the country. Whenever people come from other places, they make time to visit atleast one of these famous eateries.

3. Ramoji Film City

In terms of area, Ramoji Film City is the largest film studio/complex in the world. Ramoji Film City was set up by the visionary Ramoji Rao, who is also a film producer. Apart from being a film studio where several films and television shows are produced, it also serves as an entertainment arena where families, young people and children come to have a good time.

4. Party the night away

Being one of the few cosmopolitan cities in India, Hyderabad has a bevy of pubs and discotheques which are frequented by the youth of the city. A lot of these nightclubs are situated around Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills. Some of the most popular bars and nightclubs in the city are Air Live and Hard Rock Café.

5. Boating in Hussain Sagar Lake.

You may have sailed on a boat in several places but what makes the Hussain Sagar Lake special is the massive statue of Gautam Buddha situated amidst the lake. You have a variety of boating facilities like passenger boat, jet ski etc. to choose from. The passenger boat that carries a large number of people stops near the structure which houses the statue, so that tourists can have a closer look at it.

6. Take a tour of Salar Jung Museum

Hyderabad has a host of wonderful museums but the best of the lot is Salar Jung Museum. It has the largest one-man collection of antiques in the world and is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum is spread across a huge area with different sections dedicated to different kind of artefacts. In case you start feeling hungry while taking a walk across the museum, there is a nice food court on the ground floor where you can grab a bite.

7. Shopping in old town.

If you want pick up some jewellery, artefacts or decorative pieces that reflect the rich culture of Hyderabad, you must head to old town, the area surrounding Char Minar and you will find hundreds of shops to buy from. You will get a lot of good stuff at reasonable prices. Laad Bazaar, near Char Minar is famous for its exquisite collection of bangles.

8. Engage in sports and adventure activities

If you are looking to get an adrenaline rush, then you could visit a few of the many venues that offer several sports and adventure based facilities. You could indulge in some Go Karting on Runway 9 or play golf at Artillery Golf Course. There are also several standalone sports and adventure based events that take place on a regular basis.

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