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Is India truly as Incredible as the travellers say it to be?

India is a land which has a rich ancient history and deep cultural roots. A visit to India is unlike any other place one can visit in the world. Indian customs and traditions have been revered by most of the travelers who have visited the country and the vast range of geographical locations in India has made it one of the top tourist destinations. While traveling in India has often being stereotyped by the lack of civic facilities and is considered more of a backpacker destination, it can be done lavishly without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Heritage Tourism

Thanks to our ancient civilizations and vast empires, unlike many other countries, India is known for its heritage tourism too. One can see the finesse of ancient civil engineering in India’s temples, forts, museums and sculptures.

2. Food
If you are a foodie, India has a lot to offer to you. While travelling across the country, you will find new cuisines every 300 kilometres. From a diverse spread of breakfast to numerous sweet delicacies for dessert, one can never get enough of food here. But beware, sometimes the spices might give you a hard time.

3. Spiritual Explorations
The next thing is to experience the spiritual vibrations spread over some parts of the country like the Himalayas and Benaras, where you can even meet our great yoga gurus too. If you want to explore Buddhism, we have plenty of places like Mcleodganj and Tawang where you can seek that too.

4. Shopping
For all the shopaholics, India also happens to be a great shopping destination. Though we are famous for our street shops where there is a great scope for bargaining with the sellers, there are reputed stores too. We are most famous for our handicrafts industry, do make sure to take back some of the finely woven Sarees or beautifully crafted silver jewellery.

5. Relaxing Treatment

If you are looking to rejuvenate your body with your mind, we offer the famous Kerala Ayurveda Treatment too.

India is a place that everyone should visit once in their lives to get out of their comfort zones and get a different perspective on life. The culture shock in India can be hard to deal with. However, you'll quickly come to appreciate what you have back home and how fortunate you really are. It's impossible to leave India the same person as when you arrived. It will change you, for better or worse.

People in the tourism industry depend on revenue generated from the peak season to sustain themselves throughout the rest of the year. By traveling to India, you'll be helping people keep their businesses alive and families properly fed. Indians are generally friendly and curious people, so you'll be welcome!

"Once you have felt the Indian dust you will never be free of it.”

-Rumer Godden

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